The system of Selection of Suitable Candidates Through the SSB”s envisages in finding out on individual. Who after training can became a successful officer of average caliber. Thereafter .with experience . maturity and familiarity.  It is expected that. He would attain higher goals. For this purpose. The SSB”s adapt three different technique , which are as under:-

  • Interview Technique
  • Group Testing technique
  • Psychological technique

Though the above three techniques are different in their rationals and applications. The three assess through their individual specialization. In  trying to find degree . qutont. Level and limitations of the same. Officer leadership qualities”. The requirement of the three technique is to provide a three dimensional view of a personality. As it is like looking at a Tennis ball from three different sides. that an overall complete picture is available ,when assessment of the three accessors are put together , certain. Traits and qualities are more easily tractile through a particular technique . Hense .it is for example . the interviewing officer has hit upon a grey are in respect of a trait in a particular candidate confirmation is available either with the GTO or the psychologist. It is of immense satisfaction that this system has stood the test of time.

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